No article V cons...

We must stop allowing outside PAC money to influence Idaho into signing on for this dangerous game of Russian Roulette. Our constitution is fine as it is. It does not need to be put at risk for a complete rewrite.


Property Values a...

Hydraulic drilling is becoming a looming threat to property rights and values in Eagle, Star, the rest of district 14, and Idaho at large. Currently local municipalities have far too little control over protections from this dangerous practice and it's impact. I intend to work on giving local governments the ability to better protect their citizens' health, property, and rights. I will never take money from oil and gas companies.


We must look towa...

It is clear that newer and cleaner sources of energy must be sought out for our state and the nation. This actually has a twofold benefit.

We gain with cleaner and more sustainable energy, and with a whole new tech job market.

The legislature should support this important movement forward, but actually does the opposite. In fact, from this district, it chose to punish those who sought out free market solutions to fossil fuel usage.

We can do much better than that.


The beauty of our...

We must preserve the beauty of our state and the health of its people by protecting our air and water. We must also protect our public lands so that they are available for future generations to enjoy.

It is possible to have a thriving economy while maintaining a clean environment and a place to share with our children and grandchildren.


Thousands of work...

Because of the legislature's refusal to expand medicaid, over 80,000 Idahoans have little or no coverage.

If these people were all put in one place, they would make up Idaho's third or fourth largest city.

My family personally benefited from a subsidized physical therapy program for my middle son, who went on to complete recovery and success. Now even programs like this are in jeopardy under state and federal cutting.

Unless something new is done, the legislature will continue to fail this immense group of Idahoans.


Last in the natio...

When my parents moved to Idaho in 1969, it was a place of opportunity. Now, after decades of single party control, Idaho ranks last in the nation for personal income.

Clearly we are not doing what is necessary in education or infrastructure, to nurture an environment that improves small business growth and income for all wage earners.

We can do better than dead last.


We need better in...

Every year public works are funded inadequately and grudgingly at best. Every year the current legislature refuses to properly invest in services that will improve opportunities for both small business and other working Idahoans.

Large amounts of local productive wealth as well as personal time are lost every year as poorly funded transportation projects drag on needlessly.

We can do better.


Idaho needs to do...

The Idaho State constitution stipulates that a free and uniform public education shall be provided to all. The current legislature is not living up to the expectations of the Idaho constitution.

Few things are more precious or more critical to health, success, happiness, freedom, or wealth than a quality education. Yet after decades of single party control, Idaho ranks at nearly the bottom of all states in education.

Clearly our current state government is doing something wrong.